Knowing what to expect allows you to mentally prepare and not feel as though there any surprises. Reading though this timeline was very helpful. I looked forward to new things happening during their expected time.

90 DAYS to Your new LIFE

What to expect

First 3 days are the worst

First week is HELL, Second is HECK

First 4 weeks Very Moody

o   8 hours – More oxygen in blood.

o   24 hours – Anxieties peak.

o   48 Hours – smell and taste are better, nerve endings have started to regrow, anger and irritability peak.

o   72 Hours – Chemical Withdrawal have peaked, including restlessness.  

o   5-8 days – 3 or fewer cravings, last about 3 minutes.

o   10 days to 2 weeks – 2 or fewer cravings, 3 minutes long. Addiction is no longer in charge, Blood circulation in our gums and teeth are now similar to non-user.

o   21 -28 days – Brain Acetylcholine receptor come down and receptor binding has returned to normal levels. You are much less nervous. Withdrawal symptoms such as anger, anxiety, concentrating, impatience, insomnia, restlessness, and depression have ended.

o   1 month – Energy increases, FATIGUE gone,  Breathing is much better.

o   2 Months – Workout recovery and Gains are ENORMOUS.

o   3 Months – Circulation has substantially improved, body is able to heal and recover quicker.

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