Chewing Tobacco Sleep

Quitting chewing tobacco effects on sleep

Chewing tobacco sleep is not real sleep. While you under the control of chewing tobacco, you do not get good sleep ever. You are going through withdrawal all night. Your body can’t rest the way it is supposed to. This leads to a decrease in mental and physical abilities. Your immunity suffers as a result of sleep deprivation. Fatigue waking up or throughout the day is present. You are not well rested. I always wondered why when I woke up I felt like crap. I could never figure out why. I slept eight to nine hours, ate well, and exercised but still woke up feeling crappy. It took me over twenty years to find out why. After researching and learning all the different things chewing tobacco does to the body, I finally realized I was having chewing tobacco hangovers every morning.

You can’t recover physically and mentally to your best. Overtime the lack of quality sleep and not recovering fully beings to deteriorate your brain and body. Your entire personality shifts, but you don’t notice it, others do. Without good sleep ageing is accelerated and disease you are more susceptible to disease.

When you quit chewing tobacco will bring back a fully restorative sleep. Your sleep can finally enjoy REM sleep. REM sleep is the deep sleep your body cherishes and needs to be the best it can be. It’s where your body recovers, rebuilds, heals, and sharpens your brain. Injuries, illnesses, building physical strength, and overall recovery become faster and better.

The quality sleep you now get gives you mental clarity and sharpness. You will actually become a little smarter. Your relationships will improve; you’re not as irritable and angry. Your creative thinking abilities will come back or you will realize you do have them. Your overall health will dramatically improve over time. Sleep is an amazing thing and should not be taken for granite.

Have A Great Story About Your Chewing and Your Sleep?

Do you have bad sleep while chewing? Has your sleep changed since you quit? Share your story..

If you haven't quit yet(you will do it) please share your experience, it helps everyone.

This non-tobacco substitute was/is my favorite. I still use it on occasion. It's better than relapsing