What do I get from quitting chewing tobacco?

A LOT! That one pill couldn’t give you. This site is how I quit chewing tobacco and NEGATIVE effects of tobacco did not motivate me. How many times have you herd your teeth will fall out, your teeth will be yellow, or seen images of mutilated faces? This didn’t motivate me. I wanted to know what I get for quitting and I found through hours of research there is amazing benefits to be attained. I also learned all of the weird different ways to fend off cravings.

I know how hard this is, it's every part of your day. This stuff is so hard to quit. But so many people have

I want back and forth with all you guys and gals. We need each other. Everyones experience helps someone.

I wanted a site like this when I was trying to quit. So I have decided to make one for all of you out there who can't quit chewing tobacco. I have provided a withdrawal page on what to expect.

Benefits of Quitting Chewing Tobacco
Benefits of Quitting Chewing Tobacco - The many benefits of quitting chewing tobacco
Chewing Tobacco Tools- Quitting Chewing Tobacco Tools to Help
Chewing Tobacco Tools- Quitting chewing tobacco tools to help you quit chewing.
Chewing Tobacco Exercise- Quitting Chewing Tobacco and Exercise
Chewing Tobacco Exercise- How exercise benefits quitting chewing tobacco.
Chewing Tobacco Withdrawal- Quitting Chewing Tobacco Withdrawal
Chewing Tobacco Withdrawal- What to expect from chewing tobacco Withdrawal
Chewing Tobacco Your Stories- Your Chewing Tobacco Stories
Chewing Tobacco Diary- Your stories about your chewing tobacco habit.
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Curated Chewing Tobacco Cessation Articles
Quit Chewing Tobacco and Win Articles
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Hypnosis to quit

Read how the SF Giants baseball manager quit

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Below is a non-tobacco substitute was/is my favorite. I still use it on occasion. It's better than relapsing